2012 г. – The Japanese producer of Teysuno Taiho Pharmaceutical and Nordic Group concluded an agreement for the commercialisation of the drug for the territory of EU as well as other countries.

Teysuno – An original, innovative, oral antitumour agent for the treatment of advanced stomach cancer (difficult and unsuccessful to cure up to now), given in combination with cisplatin.

Teysuno – 4th generation of oral fluoropyrimidin.

Teysuno – due to its innovative formula, a combination of three active substances– drug for stomach cancer with high efficiency and significantly reduced adverse effects (haematological and non-haematological )

Recommended dosage: 2 x 25 mg/m2 /daily x 21 days, followed by 7 days of rest (one therapeutic course), repeated every 4 weeks in combination with cisplatin 75 mg/m2 , applied on Day 1 of the course (A total of 6-8 courses of treatment)

Drug availability

Availability on the Bulgarian market:

Teysuno 15 mg x 126 capsules

Teysuno 20 mg x 84 capsules

Teysuno – prescription medicine, included in the Positive drug list in Bulgaria.

Teysuno is 100% reimbursed by the state and is prescribed by a doctor-medical oncologist in accordance with the order defined by the National Health Fund for the respective oncological diseases (advanced stomach cancer).

For more information you can address the specialists from the oncology network in the country as well as us.

Teysuno – can be freely purchased with a prescription from any pharmacy in the country after an order to the drug distributors Novus Trading or Medex.

Maximum pharmacy price of Teysuno

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Teysuno Distributors for Bulgaria

Novus Trading Plc
T: +359 2 8586039;
M: +359 87 7539010