checkToP® is a medical device for self testing, quick urine test for check the outcome of termination of pregnancy or miscarriage.

checkToP® is especially developed as a completion of medical termination of pregnancy kit – Mifegyne and Topogyne for confirmation of successful pregnancy termination. It can save time of woman, skipping follow-up visit to medical doctor or calm down woman that everything is normal.

checkToP® is manufactured by the French company VEDA LAB and posses CE mark, and its producer GMP and ISO certificates.

checkToP® test is not a classical pregnancy test. checkToP® is a low sensitive urinary rapid test for the determination of the hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) level in urine for home use, to determine the outcome after a previously confirmed Termination of intrauterine Pregnancy (ToP) up to 9 Weeks of Amenorrhea (9 WA) and miscarriage.

Access to the medical device

checkToP® can be purchased by patients from any pharmacy after an order to distributor Novus and medical doctor recommendation.

checkToP® can be purchased and delivered to your medical practice or hospital from wholesaler Novus. Request form.

Please, read carefully the user information in the package before usage.

checkToP® is not reimbursed by the National Health Fund.

Price of checkToP®

Please, send a price request to Novus. Request form.

CheckToP® distributors for Bulgaria

Novus Plc.
P: +359 2 8586039;
M: +359 87 7539010

How to use checkToP®

Use checkToP® 14-21 days after Mifegyne as it is written on user leaflet.

It is an alternative of blood test.