Ballerine IUB is the most innovative non-hormonal intrauterine medical device developed by the Israeli gynaecologist Dr. Ilan Baram after many years of work and research.

 Ballerine IUB is a last generation intrauterine contraceptive device which is the result of many years of development in an area which HAS HAD NOTHING NEW TO OFFER for more than 25 years, namely copper T-shaped coils.

Due to the high safety rates and good tolerability of Ballerine IUB, it is recommended for younger women (over 18 years of age) as well, unlike older coils recommended for women who have given birth and at an older age.

Ballerine IUB is an efficient form of contraception with 99% efficiency for a period of 5 years. When removed, women immediately recover their ability to become pregnant.

Ballerine IUB consists of 17 copper pearls which are strung on a thin fibre of high-technology alloy – Nitinol (used in the production of coronary stents and artificial valves), which after insertion into the uterine cavity recovers its round three-dimensional shape and adapts itself to the uterine cavity.

Owing to the shape memory of the material as well as the round 3D shape which it recovers after the application, the risks of perforations, dislocation or incorrect position – in the uterine tube, a low position in the cervix or others are considered minimal.

Due to the lack of any sharp edges the device has good tolerability and satisfaction among the women who use it and as it is hormone-free, it has minimal impact on their period and other adverse reactions.

The thinnest profile – 3.2 mm for insertion makes the application easy to perform – no dilatation and minimal pain.

Over 70 000 women worldwide have used Ballerine IUB, 95% of whom would recommend the device to their female friends and would use it again as a reliable and safe method of contraception.

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Access to the medical device

Ballerine IUB is a medical device, which can be purchased without prescription from any pharmacy, after an order to Novus or Phoenix, then the patients provide its gynecologists.

Before use the patient information should be read.

Ballerine IUB is not reimbursed by the National Health Fund.

Most gynaecological hospitals and practices work with Ballerine IUB.

Recommended price of Ballerine IUB

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Ballerine IUB distributors for Bulgaria

P: +359 2 8586039;
M: +359 87 7539010

How to apply Ballerine IUB

Ballerine IUB is applied similarly to standard coils through a thin application tube, 3.2 mm (the thinnest on the market) into the uterus, without requiring dilatation of the cervix, after which it recovers its spherical shape adapting itself to the uterine cavity contour.