Tadalafil KV is a high quality generic product of Cialis.

Marketing Authorization Holder for Bulgaria is KIWI PHARMA Ltd.

Tadalafil KV is a drug for erectile dysfunction with optimal ratio effect/price.  It possess a prolonged effect in the frame of 72 hours, that allows the administration every second or third day, permanently and in that manner there is a stable blood concentration and men are  always able to have an erection in case of sexual stimulation.

That’s the reason this pill to be called “weekend pill.”

Drug is a better alternative of Viagra, with quicker (15-30 minutes), and more persistent effect (till 72 hours), achieved with 5-10 times lower dosage in comparison with Viagra, and respectively with less Adverse Drug Events.

Recent clinical trials have proven the possibility and safety when it is permanently used for erectile dysfunction (dosage is 10-20 mg every second day), benign prostate hyperplasia (every day 2,5-5 mg for 4-6 months) and in cases of radiotherapy for prostate cancer or testis carcinoma (every day 2,5-5 mg, 2 months before, during the radiotherapy and 2 months after radiotherapy)

Access to the product

In Bulgaria there are on the Market:

Tadalafil KV 10 mg x 2 tablets

Tadalafil KV 10 mg x 4 tablets

Tadalafil KV 20 mg x 2 tablets

Tadalafil KV КВ 20 mg x 4 tablets

Tadalafil KV – drug with physition prescription.

Tadalafil KV – can be purchased with prescription from any Pharmacy after an order to the following wholesalers Novimed Pharma, Novus Trading, Pharmnet, Sopharma Trading, Phoenix, Sting, Pharcol.

It is available in all Mareshki Pharmacy chains and any other Pharmacy.

Recomended Pharmacy price of Tadalafil KV

Tadalafil KV10 mg x 2 tablets – 15 BGN

Tadalafil KV 10 mg x 4 tablets – 22 BGN

Tadalafil KV 20 mg x 2 tablets – 22 BGN

Tadalafil KV КВ 20 mg x 4 tablets – 39,25 BGN

Tadalafil KV distributors for Bulgaria

Novus Trading Ltd.
P: +359 2 8586039;
M: +359 87 7539010